Monday, 10 September 2012

Scaredy Cat

I am a 30 something, independent woman. I have travelled the world, lived in many different places, given birth and can conquer most things.

But, I must confess, I am a wuss. I have got so used to having TBone in the house, that I hate it when he is not here for a night. Fortunately,it is not often, but on occasions like tonight, I am on edge.

I am a bundle of nerves, I jump at every noise, every creak of the house, every snore from the dog. I keep the dog inside to make me feel better, but she is snoring her head off and the reality is she is all bark - faced with anything scary, she would be shaking in the corner, peeing herself.
I kept Z up half an hour past his bedtime to keep me company - then considered the consequences of a crabby toddler tomorrow and made sure it wasn't any longer. 

Fortunately tv has me happy up til midnight, but I will probably sleep in the lounge, as you never know what bogeyman might be lurking in our wardrobes. I will also most likely sleep with the tv on - as we all know intruders avoid houses that have infomercials on the telly.

Thinking about it, I have never lived alone, I went from home, to boarding school, to living with flatmate's to living with TBone. I could probably count the number of nights I have been alone on the hands in my street. But now is not the time to lament a lost opportunity for finding myself. Now is about snuggling under a blanket, with a torch and the iPad. Waiting for the sun to come up, or maybe sleep will come first - and really hoping that scratching noise is something cute and not something creepy and crawly. 

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