Friday, 23 March 2012

Keep on Running.....

The other night I thought I would do a quick fitness test on the treadmill before I started my workout - as you do. I am doing 5km on the tready each day I work out as part of the 700 - 1000 calories I try to burn each session - aiming for 5 days per week- and I usually run for 3 km of that. 

The fitness test seems to be based on heart rate - and what is your acceptable heart rate range to work in based on your age. So I did the test and my result was:

Yep, way to make me feel good about things!! I know my fitness is way below what it has been, but each time I go to the gym and use the tready, the x-trainer and the rowing machine, I feel stronger and more in control. I am going to aim for a 'Good' rating next time - I would even settle for a plain old 'Poor' without the adjectives - ha ha!!

I am getting a bit disheartened as my weight loss is negligible each week. I have about 25 kg to lose, so I should be losing at least a kg a week, but its only a few 100 gms here and there. I am being very committed with my exercising, but I haven't stuck that strictly to the 12 WBT nutrition plan. I think maybe I need to follow this more to the letter. I have also being allowing myself alcohol - nothing major, just the occasional glass of wine. I am going to abstain totally (O.M.G!!! - bring me the sniffing salts, don't know if I will cope!) for the next 6 weeks and see if that makes the scales go down a bit quicker.

I have had some centimetre loss, so that has been OK and I am feeling a lot of energy. I see a chiropractor once a month for an adjustment - something I started when I was pregnant with Master Z - and I credit the speed of my labour largely to regular adjustments and yoga, so I have kept it up. I went on Tuesday and Dr S checked me over and didn't go through her usual adjustments. She just asked - "what have you been doing differently since I last saw you, as everything is in almost perfect alignment?" The only difference I could think of is exercising 5 times a week and she agreed that must be it.

So, the weight isn't coming off how I want it, but it must be having a pretty positive effect on the rest of my body. My energy and concentration is up and I am feeling really good about things and keen everyday to get to the gym.

How has your exercise been this week? I am linking up with Kate at Kate Says Stuff for the 12 Week Blogger Transformation. Head there to read about other's journeys.

Chantel x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Postal Excitement

I love getting parcels in the mail - especially when I have forgotten I even ordered it.

I just had to share this one.

It is my "Choose Joy" necklace from The Vintage Pearl. These necklaces were designed to help to raise money for Ashley, the owner of the wonderful kids clothing, design and crafting blog 'Lil Blue Boo'.

Ashley has an amazing blog with wonderful craft ideas, funky kids clothes and organisation tips. Unfortunately recently, it has also become a place where she chronicles her fight against cancer. She was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma in October 2011 and is giving it a good run for its money. She writes honestly and with optimism about her daily battle and treatment regimes. Even when she has down days, she allows herself these, but continues to 'Choose Joy'. She writes on  her website:

                                 "Life can be hard... there's financial trouble, difficult relationships,
                                 health problems, death etc.... But everyday I have a choice:
                                 I can let these things bring me down.... Or I can choose joy
                                 and just be thankful that I'm here. I can choose."

She is an inspiring woman, running the race of her life and winning. I love her determination and I think everyone can learn from her journey.

I choose joy!

Chantel x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Even with easy, She teaches!

Today at for Fresh Horses, Eden has asked for our favourite photos. This week's topic is a lot easier for me to do than some of the last ones, so I thought I would have a go.

Then I spent time looking through recent photos and realised that I just don't capture enough and that's probably something I should take from this week (see Eden, with you, everyday's a school day!) I am always worrying about getting a photo 'exactly right'. I need to stop worrying about the best lighting, the best pose, the tidiest setting and just take photos of life!

Here is one I took a few minutes ago of a special treat breakfast - a hot cross bun (yep, mummyfail here!)
But how could you deny that joy!

Linking up to Eden's fresh Horses Brigade. Head on over to see some great pictures

Chantel x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Writing from 2017

Eden's post on Saturday about signs in our life got me thinking. People spoke of signs in the form of feathers, rainbows and songs. I am a big believer in signs, but wasn't sure how mine manifest. I then read some posts from the inspiring Kate at Kate Says Stuff  and I realised that my sign is things I read. It is other people's words that I find meaning in, that resonate with me, that give me a swift kick into action, or that let me know everything is going to be OK. I often stumble on to things that are the perfect message for me at that point in time. And I take that as a sign.

Kate wrote her thankful post on Thursday from the year 2017. I love Kate's view of life. I am a big believer in believing in something to make it be. Whether you want to call it manifesting, The Secret, The Lucky Bus like Kate does, or divine order like my beautiful Nanna does, I like to believe the universe works in mysterious ways to help our castles in the sky become a reality. I realised that to get my head into gear and to get things moving for me, I needed to do this too. My vision boards haven't been updated for ages, so I took Kate's post as a sign to reaffirm in my mind (and give the universe a gentle reminder) of where I want to be.

Its the beginning of 2017 and the beginning of our 5th year 'up North'. We have had an amazing few years and despite missing our family like crazy, it was the best move for us and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to do it. TBone's job bought us here and he has loved every minute. He has developed skills and gained experiences that he would never have had if it wasn't for the move. One more year, then we head back to Perth and he starts a new chapter in his career. Exciting and scary for him all rolled into one. 

We have lived in the same house here for the whole time thankfully. I couldn't have handled moving every 12 months. Fortunately it is a roomy place, with aircon, in my preferred suburb by the coast and a huge yard that Princess K has adored. Who would have thought the Bernese Princess would thrive in 46 degree heat! She has had several shaves, but still looks gorgeous and our daily walk by the beach keeps her trim. 

Master Z has just turned 7 and started Year 2. He is the most adorable, wise little soul with an amazing compassion. I can't wait to see where this compassion leads him in life. He has a quirky sense of humour and loves everything musical. He is the best big brother ever.

After a few false starts, we welcomed baby 2 into our lives in the early weeks of 2013 and she has just turned 4. Didn't think we could get a baby as placid as Master Z, but she is probably even more laid back. She slept through from early, and is a very inquisitive Miss. She has her Daddy's creative streak, and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. Don't quite know how I am the only pragmatist in a house full of dreamers! 

The baby of the family has just turned 2. I am seeing him more and more like a little boy and less as a baby each day. That breaks my heart, but excites me at the same time. It is such a wonderful age to see his little personality start to shine right through. He too, is laid back - those relaxed genes from Daddy must be super dominant. Thank goodness the anxious, highly strung ones from Mummy lucked out.

I have loved every minute of being a stay at home mum. I have had my moments, as any mum has, but it has been a great thing for me to do and I am so grateful to have been able to do it. The main thing the move North has given us is time. Time to spend with the kids, time to keep the house clean, time to finally finish my MBA and MLA, time for myself and time for us. When we move back to Perth in 2018, I will start to put feelers out for work, nothing major for the first few years, but I want to try and get some base level experience in my chosen field so that when I am ready to go back to work, I can do so with guns blazing.

We have been so lucky with our own house being leased the whole time we have been up here, and the council has just changed zoning. We have the luxury at the moment of deciding if we sell outright, subdivide and build, or level and build to sell. The new stadium and all the development around it have made our land increase significantly in value and means we can move to one of the suburbs we want to without too much fuss. It is wonderful that the most pressing thing on our minds at the moment is which of the schools they are enrolled in do we want the kids to go to, that will pretty much make our mind up about the suburb. 

The other wonderful thing that I am thankful for from this move is that it has meant that we have been able to do a bit of travel with the kids. Not too much, but we have been able to fit in a visit to Germany to see the relies, Hawaii for a wedding and we were also able to surprise my best friend for her 40th in England. Lasting memories and the kids traveled brilliantly. 

The last 5 years have flown by, but they have been rich with experiences, love and lessons. I am so grateful of how they turned out and so excited about what the future holds.

Linking up very belatedly with Kate for Thankful Thursday

And even though the beginning fits Eden's brief, I don't think it does enough, so am not going to link it, but I would really like you to head on over and check her out and she is the Queen of bloggers, she is raw, honest, and totally Ace!

And now this looks like I am a meme whore, but, it is Tuesday, so head over to Jess's for IBOT

Chantel x

Friday, 2 March 2012

Fitness Flights of Thought

Saturday is my day at the gym. I use the treadmill, the cross trainer and the rowing machine until I burn at least 1000 calories. Usually takes me around an hour and a half. 

 please excuse the elephant wrist - WTF is with my skin????
Last Saturday I spent the time listening to my thoughts and was astounded, perturbed and slightly amused by some of the things that jump into my head when I am concentrating on something else. When I am exercising, as I am pretty unfit, all my energy is focused on the movement. My mind seems to disengage from my body and only occasionally checks in to what is happening in my surroundings. My body goes onto autopilot and my mind wanders - and what a path it takes! Here is a few minutes snapshot of some of the leaps it made over the time I was slogging my guts out:

  • Wow, that guy from Nickleback looks exactly like the Prince in the cartoon on the next TV
  • That guy from Nickleback has aged pretty well (oh dear)
  • (singing in head) 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' - I Love this song, great to run to. Damn, does this mean I like Kelly Clarkson? How did this happen? Hope no-one can hear me singing. Can someone put on triple J?
  • I miss Rosie Beaton on the Requestfest - I remember when she used to answer the phones when Michael Tunn was on
  • What ever happened to Michael Tunn? Wonder if he ever looked over 12?
  • Oh, its the Pillow pets ad again- how would they ever sell any of those? Who would buy them? Actually, I think L, O and S have one, they must have thought they were OK.
  • I suppose I still had an imaginary zoo out the back when I was 9
  • B must have thought I was crazy, but she went along with it
  • 9 year old girls are so much more mature than I was
  • I don't think I could handle having girls
  • I would be so worried about the sex thing
  • I am so worried about Z being old enough to have sex - is 14 when they start doing it now? That's only 12 years from now.
  • 14, I am sure I still had an imaginary zoo out the back at 14. Hold me!
  • Oh look, my heart rate monitor says I have already done 400 calories. The machine is only saying 180 though - wonder why they are different? Must be as my heart rate monitor has my weight programmed in. Lucky I am so fat, so much easier to burn the calories.
  • God I hate being fat. Can't believe I let myself get to this weight. If only I didn't deal with pain by eating. If only I had checked myself at the time. Wish I didn't love bread
  • MMMmmmm bread - I need to make some foccacia to take tonight. It will need 90 minutes to prove, I have only 3 hours til we go, better run faster. 
  • My Kitchen Rules ad. Can't believe I have been sucked into this season. God I hate that Thomas guy, brings out the urge to smack his concave face in. That Carla chick can't be much better if she hangs around with him. Wonder if they can actually cook. 
  • Can't believe J and K are getting married. So exciting. A wedding to look forward to. Wonder if they will get married in Hawaii. We will need to start saving to go. Hope it fits in with next baby plans. They wouldn't get married for at least a year though, so that should work.
  • I will send her a text to say yay!, welcome to being a WAG. Actually that won't work, she has already been a girlfriend. That would be naff.
  • Wonder if she likes us girls? Hope we make her feel welcome. I don't think we are too bitchy. Do we come across as bitchy? 
And it goes on and on.... can't believe some of the wanderings and how I get from one point to another, but I am sure there is some logical flow. Whatever it takes to finish the exercise session!

I am loving exercising as part of the 12 WBT. I am trying to stick to around the 1200 calories a day, but am not totally sticking to the menu plan as a lot of it is not to my taste. It is great for providing me with motivation on the exercise side though and I am loving the feeling of adrenaline through my body and serotonin souring through my brain. It is such a great natural high.

I am linking up today with Kate at Kate Says Stuff. Head on over and check out other people's 12 wbt journey.

Chantel x