Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Falling Behind

Over the past few week, I have been feeling swamped, drowning and falling behind. I have a 'to do' list that gets bigger every day and can't fathom why things don't get ticked off when I spend every hour of the day ruminating about it.

And that's my problem. Sometimes I find I can get so caught up with my thoughts, with planning, worrying, decision making, that I forget to actually take action. I get bogged down by the thoughts in my head and get no where.

I have fallen behind in the housework, fallen behind in my paid work as we are at a particularly busy time of the year, and have fallen behind in the things I usually enjoy doing. I have been stressing about my commenting system on the blog for the last week and the fact that I wasnt able to reply to the comments on my post last week. I get so caught up in thinking how I am going to direct my blog, I only seem to be posting once a week. I stress every Monday night about getting a blog post ready for today, and the fact that if I can get it linked up at 430am my time, I will get more views and comments. This leads to a gazillion (ok, 6) posts started, but now sitting in my drafts box. It means when I wake up at 7am, there are already 40 or so blogs linked and I wonder if it's worth even posting, but I love commenting on IBOT, so you all get a mish mash version of my thoughts instead of something considered and profound - one day I will write something profound, just you wait! :) I have 863 blog posts to read in my reader, I don't want to miss out on any, but know I am going to have to declare an amnesty and start again. 

I am worrying about our big move in 6 months, I am worrying about if we will ever be able to add to our family and worrying about what my life is going to look like in a year. There's my problem right there - I am stressing over things in the future that aren't totally in my control right now. It's all the small puzzle pieces that I am facing each day that I can control, and they are the ones I should be focussing on. I need to have faith and confidence that things will work out in the best way for us, even if it's not the way I planned, it will end up the way we need. I need to start fitting together the small puzzle pieces that are right in front of me and stop worrying about the big puzzle. The picture will come together naturally.

Life's like that, every one is busy, and everyone has a million balls in the air, whether you are a stay at home mum, part time worker, full time worker and we all want to be all things to all people. We all want to be perfect at everything we turn our hand to and want things to go to our plan.

I have started thinking lately that it is ok if things aren't perfect. It's ok if not everything on the list is ticked off and it's ok to ask for help if you need it. I need to get back to enjoying the journey. I need to stop spending so much time in my head and start doing. 

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Murtaugh List

In one of my favourite movies, (I think it has already been well established here that I am a dag!) Lethal Weapon, Roger Murtaugh, played by Danny Glover is forced to do some crazy things by his slightly left of centre partner, Riggs (played by heavily mulleted Mel Gibson). His catch phrase is "I'm too old for this shit!", but then off he goes and does them.

In one of my favourite tv shows, How I Met Your Mother, Ted has a 'Murtaugh List' things he feels he is too old for - which Barney takes as a challenge to see if he can complete everything on the list.

I had a birthday yesterday and when we were out celebrating the night before, we were discussing the things that had now become an effort, things that no longer held our interst and that we were too old for.

Queuing up - to see anything, or do anything. We used to be happy to queue forever, knowing that the outcome would be worth the time and effort. Once we queued to get the 'Download Festival' in the UK for 3.5 hours. Then we were in a car queue for 5 hours to leave it. This would not be something I would embrace now, but at the time, the destination was worth it.

Shots - another thing we were always so excited about doing. Nowdays, the consequences and subsequent hang over are just not worth it.

Pulling an all-nighter - I am now asleep by midnight, regardless of what is going on around me. I wake up to see the sun rise, I don't stay up to see it. Trying to watch the swimming at the Olympics almost killed me - I was a walking zombie. A good night out for us now had us tucked safely in bed by 1.30 am

Wearing singlet tops on a night out in winter - I now dress for warmth. We used to dress for fashion and could be found in teeny tiny tops in the freezing cold. I now make sure I have enough layers on, that I am always comfortable - gosh I sound like a granny! 

Going to a rave - although I was always a guitar girl, I would happily join the throngs of people at a rave dancing to 'doof doof' music. The same music does my head in now - and on occasions, I actually like Kelly Clarkson! 

Camping at a festival - used to love it, and thought the camping as the best part, I could accept the toilets and the tentland. Now I prefer to go each day, so I can have a shower each night and get rid of the smells if being in a heaving pit of 15000 people! 

I am sure I could go on and on. These are things that made me, that I am glad I have done. But now, I am happy to be an observer of certain experiences, not a participator.

What is on your 'Murtaugh List'? What things do you think you won't ever do again? Does that fill you with nostalgia, or are you happy you have moved on, because hey, age is just a number!? 
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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

5 Essentials for the First Year

One of my dear friends is getting ready to welcome her first baby in just a few short months.  It is such an exciting time, planning and buying for bubs and a few of us have been having discussions about the main things she needs to get before the baby arrives.

This is my top five list of what I felt we couldn't live without for the first twelve months after having Master Z -aside from the basics - and like I said to my friend, listen to every bit of advice you receive, but cherry pick the bits you think might work in your own life. Like with anything parenting related, there will be many differing opinions on what is needed, what is an extravagance and even what is 'good' or 'bad' for a child.

1. Muslin wraps - copious quantities of these. From the first days in hospital, Z was wrapped tight and it was an easy way to get him to settle. He was also a 'spewy' child and every feed was brought back, so they doubled as spew rags as well. I would have gone through about 6 wraps a day - lucky they laundered well. I would only recommend getting ones that are 120mm x 120mm as a minimum - anything smaller doesn't give enough for a good swaddling. 

2. Bumbo - there are differing brands on the market at the moment, but we have a Bumbo. From as soon as he had head control, it was a brilliant tool to give him an opportunity to sit supported and allow me to have a free hand when I needed it. We used it as a feeding chair once he started solids and took it traveling with us in place of a high chair. 

3. Rocker - we have a Fisher Price 'My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing'.  At around $300, they don't come cheap, but is honestly the best baby investment we ever made. It comes with several musical tracks and a rocking motion, forwards and backwards or side-to-side.  We would put Z in it and he would happily sleep for hours. On days where he just wouldn't settle, we would put him in and it would rock him to sleep in seconds. It is brilliant! 

4. Pram - this was our most expensive item, but was also the one item that got flogged in the first twelve months. Prams are one of those things that polarize Mums - 3 wheeler vs 4 wheeler, forward facing vs facing mum, Mountain Buggy vs Bug-a-boo. We have an Emmuljunga and it was perfect for our needs. Z was able to sleep in it up until about 18 months, so it was always easy to get him to sleep when we were out. The one recommendation I can make is try them out. Try manouvering them around those tight baby shops and check if they fit into your car boot. You would be surprised how many people have had to return prams as they can't get them in and out of their cars. 

5. Baby Monitor - I think this was the one piece of equipment that turned me from an anxious Mum into a relaxed Mum. To know that the alarm would sound if there was any problems with breathing, gave me peace of mind, and allowed me to sleep without an ear open at all times. I would definitely recommend having a monitor with the movement sensor pads forth at go under the mattress and give an alarm if it senses the baby stops breathing. With so much fear around SIDS currently, it was a great back to have to my hourly check ups :) The one we have now comes with a visual monitor as well as the sound. I think this would be better, only so that I didn't have to trek to his room to get a glimpse of his gorgeousness. 

They are my top 5 things. In the 2.5 years since we have had Z, there are so many new and exciting things that I am sure would make my list next time around. If we are blessed to have another successful pregnancy, I already have my eye on:

One of THESE moses baskets 

What things could you not live without in the first year of your Bub's life? 

This is not a sponsored post, it is just stuff I love that has served me well.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

30 Months

Dear Master Z,
It has been sixth months since I last wrote to you, and you are now 2 and a half! Time has flown by so quickly and you are growing up so fast.

You continue to bring so much pleasure and happiness to the lives of everyone around you. Your Mummy and Daddy can't believe how blessed we are and your grand parents think the world of you. 

In the last six months, you have gained a new baby cousin and have the excitement of another one on the way. That will be 4 cousins for you to grow up with. It is awesome you are all so close in age. Your Nanna and Grandad are well and truly run off their feet, and loving it!

You are still mad keen on the Wiggles and Bob the Builder - but Thomas the Tank is your first love. You can spot something Thomas related from a mile away and just seeing him on something brings the biggest smile to your face - just you wait to see what Father Christmas has in store - it will blow your mind :) You would watch Thomas 24/7 if we didn't limit your tv time, and you spend hours and hours playing with your trains.

You have been such an awesome 'pick-me-up' on the days Mummy has been feeling down. You can sense when Mummy is sad and you do anything to make me smile. I am sorry that I haven't been 100% there for you these last 6 months, but just seeing you and hugging you tight gives me hope that it will all work out in the end.

We saw Elmo's World Tour together - your first stage show. You were mesmerized from start to finish. We got you a small Elmo and you have slept with him and Ted Ted ever since.

You are starting to really enjoy your stories before bed - I can at least read them to you without you wanting to turn the pages to the end. Your favourite is Thomas and the Jet Engine (of course) and what you call the 'I love you' book -'Guess How Much I Love You' - that is Mummy's favourite too.

You love music, love singing and your voice is one of the cutest things I have heard. Your rendition of the 'Offspring' theme tune where you sing "Giraffe, giraffe ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" is just gorgeous. You love listening to Daddy play his guitar and you will often join him for a jam on your drums. 

Your words and sentences are zooming ahead. You dont shut up - wonder who you got that trait from ;) You have started to say that something you really like is "the best thing ever", but you pronounce ever as "eber" which makes my heart melt. You follow me around asking "what's that Mummy?" pointing to Every. Single. Thing. we pass. Lucky you are so cute! 

You are still doing swimming lessons with Daddy every Saturday morning and You are gaining in confidence each week. At this point in time, it seems like you may have inherited Mummy's co-ordination on land - so we will focus on your swimming - ha ha! 

You are growing into such a delightful little boy. Your manners are beautiful and your compassion for others is already shining through. Thank you for the joy, laughter and love you bring to our lives, we love you to the moon and back xxxxx

Yep, Mummy put you in a onesie - you're welcome!

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