Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Only 70 Sleeps

After yesterday's somber post, I thought I would go to my happy place - as it is only

70 sleeps until Christmas!!!!!!!

Yep, that's right, only 10 short weeks.

I am one of those painful people who LOVES Christmas and doesn't apologise for it. For the month of December, I drink out of my Christmas mug, eat breakfast from my Christmas bowl and get so excited planning the festivities.

This year is the first year Zeb should 'get' the whole Father Christmas thing and what is going on. I can't wait. Some of things we will be doing to celebrate:

Last Saturday of November means 'Christmas Tree Chopping Down Day'. That's the day we scour rows and rows of pine trees looking for that perfect one that is worthy of pride of place in our living room.

Then we watch TBone chop it down.

Once found, we take it home, let it settle, then on the 1st of December, decorate it. We have collected decorations from everywhere we have been in the world and I love decorations that have a story behind them.


This year, I have ordered Elf on the Shelf for the first time. The elf is sent by Father Christmas to watch over the children in the house to make sure they behave. Each night they head back to the North Pole to report, so in the morning you will find him in a different pose, in a different place.

I bought mine from Angus and Robertson online

I have been buying really cheap books over the last few months, so we will be doing a

Christmas Book Advent. Each day in December leading up to Christmas, Zeb will get to open a new book for his bedtime story. I got this idea from pinterest (see pin details below).



For the last 2 years, I have been meaning to get a Santa sack for Zeb, but never seem tofind the right one. Most seem too small, so I may as well make one - must put that on my 'to do' list.

I saw this on the wonderful Sarah's page over at Dear Baby G. She made this last year, so while the crafty bug is sweeping through, I may have a go for the front door!

Hopefully, December will be full of good food, catching up with countless friends and family

What will your Christmas look like?

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ann stuck said...

I ordered an elf too!!  should be a lot of fun!! Thanks for the book advent idea!!

Holly Homemaker said...

Christmas can come as quickly as it wants because baby, I am organised this year! Woooo! x

Kim-Marie Williams said...

Merry Xmas to you!  I've already sent all our UK family presents off (including December and January birthday presents) and we've booked our holiday.  This year, we're super excited because our lovely friends from the UK, whom we spent the first Xmas with in our house, after we unpacked the last box on Xmas Eve, are here for a year and we're going to see them on Xmas.  Yippee!

Lydia C. Lee said...

Love the book advent....I'm afraid I haven't thought of xmas yet, I'm in a huge panic about the 15 sleeps til Halloween!!

Rachel from Redcliffe Style said...

I want that elf!!! So cute. Rachel x

Chrissie Hanham said...

Oh how I love christmas, but this year I am just not prepared, for the first time ever!
Love the idea of the book advent calendar! 

bachelormum said...

Merry darling. I love Christmas too. We went for our first morning swim today and the air felt lie Christmas ... Bring it on!

Mel @ Subversive Reader said...

Oh, I love the advent book idea. I'll have to put that one aside for next year when Squirm is old enough to understand presents :)

Lyndal said...

im so in love with elf on a shelf - i mean to get one every year!!

Yvette said...

oh you are so ahead of me.. though I have my santa sacks on order.. now to find what to do with my little elf on the shelf...  what a great idea about books!! My MiL bought little box advent calender and it has tiny little things suppose to be inside to make the christmas night (with angels etc)... maybe I'll put a little note in there to say go look under mummies pillow or in the kitchen.. and get books for both MissC and MasterS!!!

time to find cheap books!!!

Krystle Sky said...

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year too. Mr 3 has been drawing pictures for Santa, and I'm a little worried about his constant requests that Santa leave him a reindeer instead of a present :-o I've also been wrapping books, and last night ordered a few Chrissy books from Booktopia to wrap for their advent calendar. Determined to be organised this year as it's normally a mad rush!

Three Quarters Full said...

I'm always pretty much ambivalent about Christmas - TheGamer and I used to go away to avoid it but I do love the magic of it all. This year will be nice with Dex old enough to enjoy it. Christmas really is for the children, now if only I can get hubby to stop being such a scrooge! 

I really do love that book advent idea.

AParentingLife said...

Really only 70 days? That is a bit exciting. I hope this is the year I am more organised (hahaha)

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

Rebecca Thompson said...

I too love Xmas and am so buying that elf on the shelf book, it looks so good :)

Jayne said...

I'm such a disorganised Christmas shopper now that the girls are older. I think it's because I know I can just 'pop out' to the shops whenever it suits me. I really like your Advent book idea!

Rita said...

I LOVE Christmas!  I'm known to be the first one to put up the Christmas tree!  I can't wait to show off my Christmas decoration on the blog!

Questing Jess said...

The book Advent idea is great - hope you have a big bookshelf ;)

Jess said...

Oh I think I might make Santa Sacks too this year. Best Get cracking!

Jacana said...

I remember the smell of a freshly cut pine tree as a child.  I cheat now mine is al la plastic.

Kelly HTandT said...

Ooh, I've always wanted a real tree! But we just never do it. I'm so excited to put up the christmas lights this year, our kids are finally at an age where they can really enjoy it! It has come about so quickly this year, so much to do, so little time!

Danya Banya said...

Yay, I love Christmas too. I just may sing carols to my kids all year round.